This isn’t your average water conference.


WaterNow Alliance Summits are a one of a kind, 2-day summit for local leaders - mayors, councilmembers, city officials, utility management and staff - and water industry professionals. The event covers a variety of sustainable water management topics and empowers 150-200 attendees to explore resilient solutions for their community.


Is your community dealing with drought, flooding, or local water management issues? Are you seeking solutions to infrastructure challenges or new financing sources? Are you a water decision maker or industry professional looking to stay on top of what the future of water holds? This is the conference for you. Tap into Resilience attendees will gain actionable insights, ideas and methods to implement local community water solutions. We provide opportunities to learn from experts, delve into best practices, and identity areas where collaboration and collective action can deliver shared benefits and higher impact. Each session is highly interactive and offers ample opportunity for attendees to engage with the speakers through Q&A and with each other through a range of activities including brainstorming sessions, report back templates, and informally sharing their own experiences.

Who should attend?

This is a conference for everyone interested in innovative, sustainable, and affordable water strategies. If you are a water decision maker, manager or utility staff, water innovator, consultant, financial advisor, bond counsel, or water industry association, this is the water event you will not want to miss!

What topics will be covered?

This year's summit will emphasize the untapped potential for local and green infrastructure, innovative financing, integrated water planning, data and visualization tools to enable smarter decision making and more resilient communities. Our summit will explore:

  • The future of water infrastructure - it may be more local than you think

  • Innovative financing opportunities to scale-up onsite strategies

  • The growing influence of philanthropy in the urban water space

  • “One Water” success stories from around the nation

  • Onsite non-potable reuse water systems - join the revolution

  • Managing stormwater with green infrastructure; and

Our speakers represent a diversity of backgrounds and experience including the corporate, technology, nonprofit sectors, academia, utility leaders, impact investment firms, and policy leaders. See more on our Agenda page.